Raphael Helmut Schmitt

Raphael Helmut Schmitt *1998 is a photographer and digital artist based in Berlin. Educated at the Faculty of Art and Design in Bielefeld, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, in 2021. He works on his own projects and in the field of postproduction as digital-artist.

In his surreal pictorial worlds, he often deals with dreams, longings, and absurdities of life, tracing the ongoing existence. In the process, fashion and portrait photography enable him to capture emotions as they pass by. Often, he reveals the magical moments that can be discovered behind facades.


2016 - 2021
Bachelor of Arts, Photography and Media

University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld,
Faculty of Art and Design, Germany

2018 - 2019 

BA, studio of photography

Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design Prague,
UMPRUM, Czech Republic


2022/ 2023 Workshop at University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld

Group Exhibitions


Keep Your Eyes Peeled , AFF Galerie, Berlin, Germany 


werkschau, Graduation Show, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Bielefeld, Germany


Mar 4 – 11
Olmützer Kulturtage, Res­earch Library, Olomouc

Dec 14 – 16
Vacurova, Flatexhibition at Kateřinská, Prague


2018 Olmützer Kulturtage, Res­earch Library, Olomouc


further 03, Fotobus Society


GUM Magazine

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